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Re: Planet policy?

Steve McIntyre dijo [Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 05:54:12PM +0100]:
> Did we ever agree a policy about what's acceptable/reasonable for
> blog feeds linked from planet.d.o? I'm very tempted to disable Ian
> Murdock's Solaris propaganda, for example...
> Thoughts?

I see the planet as just the collection of weblogs of people involved
in Debian - Including personal stuff, fun stuff, random ideas - And of
course, interesting Debian- or just FS- related projects and
discussion. I don't think we need a content polic[ye] of any sort.

But then again: Ian Murdock is there because he is the Debian founder,
right? I do not know if nowadays he is in any actual way _related to_
Debian. Yes, not all Planet members are DDs (nor should they, of
course!), but they are better or worse connected to the project. Is
Ian so?


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