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Re: message from Sven Luther

On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 11:04:01AM -0300, Guilherme de S. Pastore wrote:
> Em Sex, 2007-06-29 às 15:51 +0200, Robert Millan escreveu:
> > The message is political in nature, but its tone is not something that I
> > would find offensive or rude.
> I personally think this has already been discussed ad nauseam for the
> past months, without any indication that a reasonable outcome would be
> possible - otherwise we wouldn't have got where we got, IMHO - and that
> it is an unnecessary burden on the project's productivity since the last
> settlements.

To clarify, in the message Sven doesn't talk about himself at all.  He just
makes points about his opinion on the "Social Committe" proposal.  They could
be points made by anyone else.

> > Sven also told me that if nobody will forward it, he will "make it by the
> > slashdot way".  Whatever that means, I don't personaly think being publicly
> > discredited by our mistakes is something we want as a community.
> I'm sorry, but in my dictionary that translates as blackmail. *THAT* I
> don't think the Debian Project or any of its members should accept. If
> he is overly prejudicial or distorts the facts in public, we might just
> as well respond to them, either with words or with actions. It's surely
> a lot of work and headache, but I think it's better than accepting these
> threats.

Please excuse me for not representing him properly in my previous mail.  He
asked me to clarify that this wasn't at all intended as a threat.

> > OTOH, I can understand why a person
> > who has been forcibly silenced would react this way.
> But I don't think the silencing is to blame either, as I guess we are
> well aware of the reason why he was forcibly silenced.

Blame is meaningless here.  Someone who's been forcibly silenced will try
to find other ways to speak out.  It's a very human behaviour, and wether
he's right or not about what he has to say doesn't change this.

Robert Millan

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