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Re: Public request that action be taken at whoever abused their technical power to remove me from the kernel team at alioth.

On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 09:00:31AM +0200, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > > > I am now making this request to you as DPL, that you investigate who was
> > > > behind this action, and find out why it was done, and that it be
> > > > publicly addressed.
> > > 
> > >    Sven, first of all, please restrict your postings to debian-project,
> > 
> > Whyever should i do that ? 
> Because Sam asked you?

Yeah, right, but i asked him that he sets up a delegation to solve this
mess over a month ago. I also asked frans to please forget pride and old
grudge and let's all work together nicely.

Asking doesn't mean the other have to comply, nor is asking showing you
are right.

But then, i did in fact restrict my postings to debian-project, it was
others who branched it out without me noticing.

> > So, if you keep threatening me, like you just did, this only enourages
> > me to continue, and escalate the issue.
> Oh my!  It is not yet escalated?

Indeed, it has escalated, but it is about to escalate further. How sad,
that Debian choses the way of oppression and escalation, incolving
orders of magnitude more effort, than trying to be fair and decent

> > So, i ask you again as DPL, do something so that the agression and
> > iniquity debian has shown me since a year is stopped, and we can all
> > stop this.
> The aggression has been stopped.  Nobody showed aggression and removed
> your account on the kernel team.  It was an accident and it has been
> corrected since them.  No aggression except yours.

The agression has not been stopped, i am still unfairly suspended from

> > This is as easy as a public pronounsement on debian's part that it has
> > erred in the way it has handled this matter, that i am not the sole
> > responsible of it, and a lifting of the unjust sanctions against me.
> Sven, this will not happen.  Learn to live with that.

Why not ? This is the crux of the question. If you can give me an
explanation of why this cannot happen, one that don't make you want to
puke that is, then we can speak.

> > (not the d-i related ones, since we all know the d-i leadership are
> > arrogant bastards who are not emotionally equipped to recognize they
> > maybe share the fault and do the right thing).
> People who are emotionally stable won't say this about others...

As opposed to people who have been harrased and hurt for over a year,
right ? The facts remain though, i would be very glad to be proven
wrong, but the last year has showed me otherwise, and it is by direct
action of those guys, that they decided to ask for my expulsion *BECAUSE


Sven Luther

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