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Another level of agression ?

Hi all, 

Well, in the ever continuing witch hunt against me, i just noticed,
while i was working on a patch fix for the debian kernel, that i have
been removed from the alioth kernel team.

There was nothing in the judgement of the DAMs which mandated this, and
this is again the repetition of what has been happening since all this

This is now a call to all DDs, to come forward, with a GR if possible,
and put a stop to this, and revert the DAMs decision, which was a
*STUPID* decision, removing my ability to do technical contributions to
debian, while not solving the perceived problem of my mailing list
contributions, which was only a consequence of the repeated agression on
my technical capability to contribute to debian.

Sam, i now ask you as DPL, to set up a social comitte or whatever, and
investigate the behaviour of those who continuously have agressed me in
this way, so they are also blamed for their responsability in this.

It is really a shame, that debian is unable to solve such problems by
discussion, and that a few people believe they are the masters of the
debian infrastructure, and can make everything they want with it, in
order to pursue personal vendettas.


Sven Luther

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