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Re: When Debian 4.1 will arrive... will anyone care?

On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 06:32:01PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > IMO, if you need a 'stable' system with some newer packages, you're
> > better off learning how apt's pinning stuff works than bothering with
> > backports.  it's not hard.
> The only problem with that is that you then get a whole shitload of
> problems once libc or other dependencies are no longer in sync with
> stable. As is the case right now. At that point, you start getting those


differences MIGHT mean problems.  or they might not.

alternatively (and more commonly) differences might mean bug-fixes
that will never appear in stable because they're not critical security
fixes, and may not appear in backports either because the fixed package
is a lib package...and if it does make it to backports, it's after a
significant delay as the fixed package makes its way from unstable to
testing and eventually to backports.

stable, testing, unstable, backports - they each have their own set of risks
and problems.


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

It is well known that *things* from undesirable universes are always seeking
an entrance into this one, which is the psychic equivalent of handy for the
buses and closer to the shops.
		-- Terry Pratchett, "The Light Fantastic"

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