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Re: Expulsion process: Sven Luther - Decision

On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 01:03:39AM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> On 3/29/07, Sven Luther <sven@powerlinux.fr> wrote:
> >On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 09:56:52AM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> >> Sven,
> >>
> >> I don't think anything you could say will reverse this decision. If
> >> anything people are using whatever you say against you.
> >>
> >> As unfair as this decision might be, you would probably be better of
> >> conserving your time for more productive tasks.
> >
> >What i don't understand, is that everyone tells me this is not fair, but
> >nothing happens.
> I am reminded of something I was told repeatedly in my youth: "life is
> not fair."  And, just in case that lesson wasn't hammered home to me
> during those formative years, life has spent much of my adulthood

But this is Debian, not life, and we are all here because we share something
great and good, and thus i expected better. But this also means that you,
readers, the DDs claim they are ok in not being fair. not life, not some
anonymous entity, but you, fellow DDs, the very persons which i worked with
for over 8 years.

> >Damn it, look at the threads, i was well behaving during january/february, 
> >and
> >would have been ok, but before the ban even ended, they asked for my
> >expulsion.
> I'm not up on the details - nor do I care to catch up on them or to
> try to wade through the wiki to try to demangle what the hell everyone
> is actually trying to say - but it is my understanding that you agreed
> to this "ban" and then violated it.  This is what we might refer to as

No. I have posted exactly twice :

  - once when i candidated for DPL.
  - and then, due to an error, when doing a group reply instead of a reply,
    while trying to organise a TV set for the FOSDEM show, to connect the PS3
    on it.

How in this did i violate the ban ? How is this an act of bad faith ?

During this time, at the start of january, a powerpc user complained about
some bug he reported months ago, and immediately Frans Pop jumped on him,
bashed me twice, and in general showed himself insulting to the users. Even
then, i have not broken my parole, and not posted.

Later, Anthony Towns did likewise bash on me on a random flamewar on private
i was not even involved in, and Steve McIntyre used his bits-from-the-I2C, to
make some world-publicizing of my bad behaviour.

So, given these facts, would you say the same ? 

> an "act of bad faith," meaning you failed to live up to a promise you
> made to stop posting to the lists.  It is also my understanding that
> you promised to stop repeatedly raising your past issues with Franz,
> joeyh, and $OTHER_DEVELOPERS, but when you returned to the lists

Indeed, and i had every intentions to do so, but was hit with more provocation
every time, like the events in january cited above, or another level of
hinderance on my debian work, so, yes, i didn't resist the provocations, but
this is only human, and i guess in my situation, a good part of you readers
would have done the same, well, maybe you would have reacted differently, but
this is only the result of the inherent problem.

> full-time you continued to raise these personality conflicts that
> quite frankly 98% of the project doesn't care about on the one mailing
> list that we all are obligated to read.  Thus you crossed the boundary
> from "person who isn't bothering me" to "person whose continued
> whining is wasting my time."
> And, to top things off, even now you keep taking the bait of people
> who are trying to troll you rather than just ignoring them - and your

Err, actually kicking me out of the project is a bit more than just
"trolling", and please tell me how this can be ignored ? 

> for a little light trolling.  Maybe they should... but again, to
> reiterate, life isn't fair.  (Detecting a theme?)

You are saying that you and the other DDs are not fair, not live, right ? 

> >what do you expect from me ? what ?
> What I expect *now* is simple: stop posting stuff to -private and you
> will disappear from my radar screen, which will make me very, very
> happy, and in 360ish days, I (and many others) will be happy to see

I did that for two months, and before i even got back, i got expulsed. 

And keeping the interactions on a technical level will not help, what got me
into this is trying to *DISCUSS* technical solutions to problem the other
party refused to acknowledge, because they feared in their supremacy or

Damn it, Frans and the d-i leadership kicked me out back then, because they
found i was "not respectful enough".


Sven Luther

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