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Re: Expulsion process: Sven Luther - Decision

"Chris Lawrence" <lawrencc@debian.org> wrote:
> [...] Much as I'd like to yell,
> scream, shout, beat down doors, and talk sense into those people -
> well, I can't.  [...]

Well, you can.  I think you just decided that the costs of doing so
outweigh the benefits: retaliation or arrest or whatever.

Meanwhile, by removing Sven Luther's DD status for a surprisingly long
time, the project has reduced the costs of him continuing to offend
others, while doing nothing to reduce his ability to offend.

Stupid, aren't we?

Most of the "life is unfair" advice is good, up to a point, but I
think one has to expect some people sometimes to decide it's worth
doing anything to make life fairer in a way that matters to them.

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