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Re: Expulsion process: Sven Luther - Decision

Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Sven Luther wrote:
> > So, after Andrew Suffield, after Jonathan/Ted Walter, it is my turn,
> Mentioning yourself in this row is like comparing apples and pears
> (hope that this figure works also in English) and I'm really sad that
> you come up with this.

"Apples and pears" is usually seen as rhyming-slang for stairs.  In
English, the usual faulty comparison example is "apples and oranges."

I feel that the various expulsion attempts have one thing in common:
the DAMs seem to be making the rules up as they go along.  Even this
time, with frequent reminders of the process published during the
flaming of Andrew Suffield
we have arrived at a hitherto undisclosed and undiscussed (AFAIK)
point - the suspension of the expulsion-threatened DD.

This one is also different in a way: the suspension seems to stop Sven
Luther's positive contributions, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't
stop what were described as his negative contributions, mainly to
mailing lists and the BTS.  The punishment does not seem to address
the offence.

Essentially, what I guess I'm suggesting is that the debian project's
government is malfunctioning.  I know it may be a controversial
analogy, but if you see DAMs as our disciplinary panel, our judges,
then we have given them too few options and too little direction.
Sadly, DAMs have reacted by inventing tools instead of asking the
voters to give them better powers.  I think the route forward is to GR
changes to section 8.1, but I'm fairly sure that that will fail if I
lead it. With any luck, either a DAM or DPL will start the process
before I do.

There are other problems with project decision-making, IMO due to
reluctance of some voters to support putting options on the ballot and
the exhortions to rank Further Discussion/NOTA below everything,
partly because of the weight of the process.  Unfortunately, I can't
see how we fix some of these low-level bugs without having to work
around these low-level bugs.

> I wonder if sending mails like this to debian-project is your idea of
> going inactive.

Come on, we've put Sven Luther through enough.  Please don't troll him.

> [...] Sven, while continuing beeing your fiend [...]

Paging Dr Freud.... Paging Dr Freud... ;-)

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