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Re: Expulsion process: Sven Luther - Decision

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Sven Luther wrote:

Taking this to -project, since i am no more a DD.

I'm very unsure whether this was a reasonable move but I will at least
remove quotings from private.  I also must have missed the point in
some mails because I have not seen any sign that you were expulsed nor
that you resigned.

So, after Andrew Suffield, after Jonathan/Ted Walter, it is my turn,

Mentioning yourself in this row is like comparing apples and pears
(hope that this figure works also in English) and I'm really sad that
you come up with this.

because i
was not pliable enough to the power-hungryness of a few who believe themselves
debian overlords, and with this current precedent, i only question who is

Well, if you think this would be the reason I'm sitting probably next to
the expulsion chair and I know many DDs who will sit in a row with myself.
I doubt that power-hungryness is the reason for the problems you faced.

Seriously, i had anyway had intentions of going inactive for some time, so i
question, was this really necessary?

I wonder if sending mails like this to debian-project is your idea of
going inactive.

Was this what was best for debian, well,
i seriously doubt so, but i am out of the game, and it is for others to see
what happens in this, but this is the most *SHAMEFUL* and *DANGEROUS* decision
which i ever saw taken in debian.

From your personal point of view this is understandable but please
accept if others think differently - especially readers of debian-project
who are confronted with a mail that can only sound "mysterious" and
leaves them no chance to find a reasonable opinion.

Sven, while continuing beeing your fiend, please take my advise and calm
down and do not try to solve your trouble using different mailing lists.

Kind regards



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