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Re: Social Committee proposal text (diff)

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 09:14:27PM +0100, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> > You are aware that most of our elections are done this way,
> Yes, I know.
> > we only use hashes in the tally sheet for leader elections?
> Or in other words:  I 100% of the votes regarding persons, we have a
> secret vote.

Yes, but the sample is still just 1. (Also I don't know the rationale for
that, so it's hard to judge it - it could have been fully intentional, it
could have been some sort of a CYA measure that was grandfathered in.)

Anyway. Let's take any other election as an example. What do we do with
people who intensely dislike the option X in an election and takes each vote
to the contrary as an insulting statement from those voters, or just takes
it personally? One could make the argument that keeping the tally sheet
obfuscated is good for any election, because we want to avoid fussing over

In the end, does it really avoid people fussing over things, or does it
really just obfuscate the fussing, from 'evil people A,B,C voted against me!'
to 'three evil people voted against me!'?

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