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Re: Social Committee proposal text (diff)


* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [070213 04:28]:

> >> + <li>The next two weeks are the polling period during which
> >> + Developers may cast their votes.  Votes in social committee
> >>    elections
> >> + are made public after the election is finished.</li>
> > And why shall votes become public?  What's voting about, if not done
> > in secret?
>         I think we should default to open and transparent processes
>  as far as possible. And people should be willing to take public
>  stances on matters of policy, even social policy.  It is not like you
>  are voting for a human who might have his feeling s hurt. 

I read the cited paragraph as exactly that:  The votes of DDs in the
election for the members of the social ctte will be made public.  I
agree that the internal soc ctte votes are a different thing; but as I
understood it, they are not the topic of that paragraph.

So it is exactly about "voting for a human who might have his feelings
hurt".  And it is all about possibly voting differently while the public
is looking over your shoulder.  

I just don't see, how that will help to get a better soc ctte.

> > Why not some kind of "draft resolutions and amendments, and votes by
> > members of the committee, are made public on the Social Committee
> > public discussion list. Discussion is made public to those the
> > parties involved or at their unison request to all."?
>         Again, the default should be open processes, with the
>  possibility of taking it behind closed doors [..]

I think having the possibility of taking it behind closed doors would

Yours sincerely,

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