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Re: Debian in the Federal Government

Linas Žvirblis wrote:

That does not sound like a good argument? Well think about it: would you
really be that happy if somebody told you that you must drop Debian for
some other system you know little or nothing about, AND you still have
to make sure everything works, AND do your regular job at the same time.
I certainly would not...

It's a inapt example.  In fact, it's an example of an opposite.  Let me eplain:

A transition from Windows to Debian would cause massive employee upset because it attacks their job security. With Debian, the useful IS work could be done with small fraction of the existing support staff.

In contrast, a transition from Debian (or more realistically, from Unix) to windows results in a massive increase in job security, due the immediate need for more support staff.

This dynamic is driving the industry today. It's the path of least resistance, but represents a huge tax (literally in your case) on society.

As for the "somebody to yell at" argument, well... that sounds like a
myth to me. Never heard of anyone contacting a software vendor when
things break. I could be wrong on this one, though.

Yes, I do work there. And this seems to be going a little off-topic...

I work around windows sysadmins and hear all of their daily problems (but job security will never be one of them).

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