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Re: Social Committee proposal text (diff)


        I have a few questions about this proposal.

 1) When do developers need to implement social stances or policies?
    Can you give an example of the kinds of things the constitution
    may be talking about here?

 2) What happens  if only some  of the paticipants in a social, umm,
    tussle, want to submit the affair to the soc ctte?  Once referred,
    are all other parties now subject to the soc ctte rule?

 3) When a developer is over ruled on a technical matter, the tech
    ctte can not force a developer to do something they do not want to
    do (the developer can't stop other people from doing the task --
    no active work against, etc).  Do similar clauses apply to the soc
    ctte? (If not, this is a significantly stronger power)

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