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Re: Debian in the Federal Government

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 03:16:22PM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> I am disappointed to find many public-sector and SME sites have
> licence-expired copies of Winzip and unlicensed copies of Photoshop.
> Please suggest that they should upgrade to free software tools like
> WiZ, Gimp and GSView.
It turns out that the response in cases like that is one of two things:

 1. we'll pay up and get the licenses current
 2. we can do without it

Though, my understanding is that at state and local levels
(universities, community colleges, etc) the idea of using free software
alternatives is much more accepted.  Where I did my undergrad, GSView
was on every windows machine on campus, just to point out one instance.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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