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Re: Debian in the Federal Government

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 11:11:58PM -0500, Marty wrote:
> In contrast, a transition from Debian (or more realistically, from Unix) to 
> windows results in a massive increase in job security, due the immediate 
> need for more support staff.
It is also a morale killer.  I once spoke with a senior sysadmin at a
government agency in New Mexico.  They had a sweet cross-platform
authentication setup for Windows, Linux and Unix clients using LDAP and
Samba on a Red Hat server.  Then they got a new CIO who was convinced
that MS stuff was better.  He declared by fiat that they would be moving
over to Active Directory.

Of course, no new admins were hired.  They did have some Windows savvy
people since they run Exchange and some other things.  But Active
Directory is another beast entirely.  Anyhow, with no new admins and an
executive decree that they move to an authentication that was orders of
magnitude more complex than what they had previously (authenticating
Windows to Samba is much easier than authenticating Linux and Unix to
Active Directory, I am told), they were hurting real bad.  Of course,
their jobs were much more secure, but I'm sure they could have done
without it.

> I work around windows sysadmins and hear all of their daily problems (but 
> job security will never be one of them).
I find it funny when I can easily script common tasks and the Windows
admins must sit there and repeatedly click to do something as simple as
setup a new user.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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