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Re: Let us start a ombudsman team (was Re: Social Committee proposal).

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Amaya wrote:

There's plenty of decent, trustworthy, honest, well socialized,
tolerant, moderate, well behaved, experienced in volunteer-driven
effort related problems, Developers and non-DDs.

Definitely.  You will always forget somebody.  But because every
interested person will probably not forget himself I hope people
will show up voluntarily.

[ ... this part was from formerly private mail ...]
I normally do not hide my mails - so it is not really private if you
feel a need to quote me anywhere - but before we will start yet
another comittee thread on yet another list I would really like to
know whether all these people are interested, willing and able to
spend time in doing the social work you think they could do.

I think this is the wrong approach. Sorry. This should be discussed in a
ML so that all the interested people can proppose candidates that they
like or trust and then the candidates themselves can publically speak
out their minds for everyone to read. Transparency is key. So is not
having yet another cabal ;)

Sure. As I later wrote everything can be published.  I just wanted
to know whether these people in CC are really interested before
CCing them in every mail and creating a de facto mailing list
containing CCs.  So yes, I stay away from private posting, but I
leave out CCs as well.

So can we take this on-list?

If somebody asks me to repost my full mail to the list I'll
immediately do so (or just quote me fully with comments.

Kind regards and have a nice^Wprosperous weekend

Heh, thx. Wish me luck with the flu I am going through though :)

Well, here in Germany we currently have less flu (I'm responsible
for the web pages of the influenza surveillance in Germany) but
we had some trouble with Rotavirus that show up normally only for
small children and elder people but this one also catches random

Kind regards


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotavirus


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