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Dissent and multiple viewpoints


        Have we really forgotten what it is like to jointly work on
 something when every one is not a rah-erah cheerleader? Where we can
 have people contributing who, not being fully convinced, provide the
 loyal opposition viewpoint, without being dismissively labelled as

        In a large project it is easy to carve off small groups of
 very like minded people, and doing so might even be nicer, since
 there is no differences of opinion; but then we have strong
 differences emerge between largely unrelated groups of people who are
 well along doing things at odds with each other.

        I think the ability to pull together on something even when
 one is mildly skeptical of the outcome would be invaluable to the
 strong proponents, since these skeptics provide an alternate
 viewpoint and also help provide a modicum of check and balance to
 irrational exuberance that might otherwise result.

        If something that is supposed to be as inclusive as the social
 committee can not deal with people who are also committed to the
 experiment, but are voiving cautinary notes, then I am afraid I don't
 see how they can come up with something widely accepted by an
 increasingly diverse social body at large.

        Dismissing co-operative people as whiners and and
 obstructionists if their views are not absolutely in line with the
 proponents loses the projects which display such characteristics of
 potentially useful contributions.

        However, if the social committe types are only looking for
 dutiful, "yes whatever you say, boss" kinda commentary, I guess I'm
 outa here.

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