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Re: Let us start a ombudsman team (was Re: Social Committee proposal).

On 1/26/07, Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:
Hi all!

Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> > Amaya Rodrigo
> > Andreas Schuldei
> > Andreas Tille
> > Carlos Laviola
> > Erinn Clark
> > Felipe van de Wiel
> > Guilherme Pastore
> > Ian Murdock

Removing Ian Murdock from my reply:
a) he is no DD (yet!) (WTF and LOL)

Sad but true, anyway he can take part of this project with an alioth
account as i wrote. I've asked him to be involved in the social
committee. The ombudsman project is just a step before that. That's up
to Ian decide if he wants to get involved from the first day, join us
some time after (into ombudsman or soc-ctte) or change his mind and
don't join us.

We need practical results to show the critics that we can do better
with a ombudsman project and after that push it into our formal
structure, we can call that the social committee. Anyway, i think we
shouldn't care if we will be cited into the constitution in the near
future or not.

b) now seriously, I don't think he is in close contact with the project
   anymore. But I do agree that he is a "trustworthy and honest"
   candidate, and good at mediating.

I would be glad to count with his experience, right now. Today,
there's no technical challenge to start a new distribution, but there
are giant social and marketing barriers. I'm not sure how but Ian
solved the three problems (with help of course) ages ago and we are
ruining this, IMHO.

> > Josip Rodin
> > Philip Hands
> > Raphael Hertzog
> This is a really nice collection of people I regard trustworthy and
> honest.

Thanks, I feel honoured.
I'd be happy to assist in this project (I assume we are talking about
the social ctte here, right?).

The plan is: First an ombudsman project in alioth, show some results,
test the waters and then move on with the soc-ctte thing that would
require 3:1 majority to change the constitution.

There's also other people I'd like to see involved in (or around) a
project like this: Enrico, Biella, Micah, Mako, Holger, Filippo, Bdale,
Stephano Zachiroli, Alphascorpii, Vorlon, Steve, Lars, Marga, tbm... I
am sure I am leaving many out!

Which vorlon thread? :-P Well, i'll open a request on alioth to
project setup but you're free to  invite more people that are
committed to the goals i wrote in the first message of this thread.
There are no dictators so we can (and probably will) review the goals
once we start discussing under the ombudsman mailing list. Don't
forget what we learned every day with programming though: KISS.

> What I do not really understand here is in how far we could do more as
> "People listed in ombudsman project of alioth" than we could now
> without listed at a project page?

Depends on wether there is a formal DPL delegation or not.

Exactly, and AFAIK it was never tried before. Correct me if i'm wrong,
but never a group of people involved with the project were committed
to hear community (both users, contributors and developers) feedback
and try to work on the problems or push people that has delegated
power to do so. I can do that alone, but there's no minimal formal
process or anyone tracking the list of pending issues anywhere. That's
just a few of the ombudsman project points. Yes, we even can request
formal DPL delegation for some issues as a group.


So can we take this on-list?

I'm moving back to the list.

> Kind regards and have a nice^Wprosperous weekend

Heh, thx. Wish me luck with the flu I am going through though :)


-- stratus

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