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Let us start a ombudsman team (was Re: Social Committee proposal).

On 1/25/07, Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net> wrote:

This idea arose from a discussion on the -private mailing list.
Andreas Tille, Gustavo Franco, Manoj Srivastava and Gunnar Wolf all
commented fairly positively on a vague idea of having a social committee
(soc-ctte), different from the technical committee (tech-ctte).
I'm citing their names simply to avoid an issues with taking credit.

Hi list,

First let me explain it has nothing with the suggestions i plan to
follow to the technical committee, the content of James Troup message
to -devel and what happened before that.

I would like to invite some people directly[0] and any other person
interested, please ask to join. I plan to start a ombudsman team
(alioth), to do the following:

- Quality Assurance (but not technically speaking) based on community feedback;

- Ask for a pseudo-package in the BTS (ombudsman?) or use project and
usertag the ombudsman related bugs. There
users/contributors/developers can complain about a number of things;

- These things would be listed in the ombudsman.debian.net or our page
at alioth. We can discuss this initially here. My suggestions are:

 * Keep an eye on the mailing list to make sure the community is
being heard and the pending non-technical issues can also be tracked
in our bug tracking system;

 * Filter (using the BTS) and forward the feedback to the responsible teams;

 * Contact the tech-ctte when a technical issue isn't being handled
properly by a developer or a team and the community is complaining;

 * Do informal polls (e.g: To see if the community cares about
frequent team updates to d-d-a between releases);

 * Help with the -private partial archive opening to the public (when
the time comes);

- Test the waters for a consistent social committee proposal in the near future.

If needed we can ask in special cases (eg.: sven's case) the DPL to
delegate to the group some powers as in 5.1.2 - Lend authority to
other Developers (Debian constitution).

[0] =
Amaya Rodrigo
Andreas Schuldei
Andreas Tille
Carlos Laviola
Erinn Clark
Felipe van de Wiel
Guilherme Pastore
Ian Murdock
Josip Rodin
Philip Hands
Raphael Hertzog

Keep in mind that you just need some free time, an alioth account,
understand our goals helping us to achieve them and some love for the
Debian project.

-- stratus
ps: I have just CCed invited people that i'm not sure if are
subscribed to -project.

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