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Re: Proposal: SPI as international money transfer service

Neil McGovern wrote:

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'general open source community'.
'General open source community' to me consists of all developers
which have at least one open source project published.
Most developers who need funding seem to be attached to a project.

Would you clarify this, please? Do you consider 'developers attached to
a project' to be:
a) maintainers who port and repackage applications into various Debian
b) == a) + developers who started their app(s) from within Debian ( possibly
    as a response to a direct need of a Debian project )
c) == b) + developers of all programs incorporated into Debian distro.
d) == c) + developers of all programs not included in any Debian distro,
   from which b) or c) developers copy-pasted some code into their own
e) somebody else?

Well, SPI is Debian's parent project, so I'm not sure what you mean by
"my" parent project being Debian.

One of the first sentences on a Debian donations page
( http://www.debian.org/donations ) reads:

"Debian is the name of the project, and Debian GNU/Linux is how the
distribution we create is called. In order to handle money donations,
we set up a non-profit corporation, Software in the Public Interest <http://www.spi-inc.org/>."

Usually, parent is before its child, so I was thinking that if Debian
set up SPI, than surely Debian must be its parent.

I'm not really sure about this. Have you got a example on how to draws
resources away from the open source community?

Not draws and wastes, but copies from open source pool, and incorporates
into distribution. Since somebody had to put effort into writing of a new
version, even though it can be copied freely, it is, nevertheless, utilization of a resources outside of a Debian project. This, of course, depends on your
answer to a question above. Given previous responses, I assumed your
answer would be b).

Well, SPI certainly supports more than Debian and it's associated

Have a look at http://www.spi-inc.org/projects

I already know this. No matter how much projects SPI supports directly,
more still aren't.
This is possibly the crux of the matter:
It's non-trivial to add more projects. Each one takes resources to
manage the donations and account for them. To do this for a generic
deveoper would be far beyond what we are able to offer.

I understand.

Will you organize support for donations as you answered in an email earlier,
at least for projects supported by SPI?


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