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Re: Proposal: SPI as international money transfer service

On 10/9/06, mmlacak <mmlacak@gmail.com> wrote:
        So, my question is: can we make SPI ( http://www.spi-inc.org/,
http://www.debian.org/donations ) into monetary service which accepts
from and is able to transfer money to any country in the world? Is able
to deliver money basically from door to door ( post-office/bank to
PO/B ) ? Doesn't require anything beside internet connection and local
bank / post office account? Charges only some percentage for its own
operational expenses, so there could be some sense in donating just a
few bucks, and be sure that most of it gets to intended developer ( and
yes, this is crucial ) ? Accepts donations for any developer and any
project, not just supported ones ? Provides traceable and secure
transactions, even if it doesn't deliver within minutes, days, weeks?

That sounds great to me.



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