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Re: Improving the DAM-queue?


I'm glad that some discussion about this topic took place, yet my main
questions are still unanswered:

On 11.10.2006 10:02 schrieb Bastian Venthur:
> So my question is: Is this a known problem and are there any short- and
> longterm solutions in progress? Shouldn't we have some more DAMs in
> order to process the queue faster? Seeing that the vast majority of the
> DAM work is done only by one of the two DAM members, it seems the DAM is
> heavily understaffed.

I'm very interested to hear DPL's and DAM's opinion about these questions.

Best regards,


PS: Please note that this thread is not directed against the
DAM-members, I really appreciate the time they invest in order to
process applicants.

Bastian Venthur

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