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Improving the DAM-queue?


Taking the data available on nm.debian.org, I've noticed that in the
last six months only 28 applicants became Debian Developers. This means
roughly every 6.4 days an applicant gets processed by a DAM.

Further I've noticed that by this time 25 of the 28 applicants where
processed by only one DAM-Member (joerg).

Since the current DAM-queue has 24 applicants this means that a new
applicant entering the DAM queue has to wait on average 5 months until
he/she gets processed.

This is quite frustrating, since most of the applicants are surely doing
already the normal work every Developer has to do, but are not able to
upload or participate on current votes.

So my question is: Is this a known problem and are there any short- and
longterm solutions in progress? Shouldn't we have some more DAMs in
order to process the queue faster? Seeing that the vast majority of the
DAM work is done only by one of the two DAM members, it seems the DAM is
heavily understaffed.

Please note that I'm not blaming the current DAM members for being slow
or something, I really appreciate their work and time they are investing
and I am aware of the fact that they are also highly involved in other
important parts of the Debian project. But on the other side the DAM
queue has been really slow in the last year, so I guess there is some
space to improve the situation.



(Hoping that rising his voice on this issue won't be rewarded with some
extra months in the queue :P )

Bastian Venthur

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