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Re: Improving the DAM-queue?

Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Hi,
> Taking the data available on nm.debian.org, I've noticed that in the
> last six months only 28 applicants became Debian Developers. This means
> roughly every 6.4 days an applicant gets processed by a DAM.

Cool!  About 5 new developers per month.  That's great!
The names I've seen also refer to people quite motivated.

> Since the current DAM-queue has 24 applicants this means that a new
> applicant entering the DAM queue has to wait on average 5 months until
> he/she gets processed.

At least they get processed...

> This is quite frustrating, since most of the applicants are surely doing
> already the normal work every Developer has to do, but are not able to
> upload or participate on current votes.

The good thing is that the more experienced they are the more the sponsor
can trust them and packages get uploaded faster.

> So my question is: Is this a known problem and are there any short- and
> longterm solutions in progress? Shouldn't we have some more DAMs in
> order to process the queue faster? Seeing that the vast majority of the
> DAM work is done only by one of the two DAM members, it seems the DAM is
> heavily understaffed.

Please take a look in the debian-devel (or was it debian-project?) archive.
There has been a discussion a while ago.  It may answer your questions.



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