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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

Ian Jackson, 2006-10-11 21:10:12 +0200 :

> This is quite different from the case with a programming task: if I
> decide I can do some D-I work that needs doing better than the D-I
> maintainers, I can just do it, and if my pet benefactor agrees with
> me, I can get paid to do it and the result _will_ end up in Debian,
> if it's actually any good.

Funny you should use d-i as an example.  I suggest you read some of
the (numerous) emails written by Sven Luther during the last six
months.  I don't know whether he has a benefactor or not, I have no
reason to assume his work on d-i was (or wasn't) bad since it seems to
focus mostly on an architecture I have no contact with, but apparently
it's not going to end in Debian, or so he oh-so-repeatedly told us.

Roland Mas

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