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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

On 10/8/06, Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:
This is not related:
- known developers are not necessarily bad developers
- technically good developers are not necessarily unknown

These are extremely bold assumptions, stated as if they were facts. Cunning.

And here comes the well known "even if..." rhetoric. Ugly:

And even if technicall bad but known developers are paid to do some work,
nothing prevents technically good developers to make sure the project is
sane from the beginning by reviewing the project proposals on the
infrastructure. And nothing prevents further improvements later in the
process. Being paid doesn't mean that we stop doing free software.

"Avec des 'si' on mettrait Paris en bouteille" ("with 'ifs', Paris
could be fit in a bottle").

It's always amusing to see how the supporters of this scheme are prone
to believe that "technically good developers not being paid to do
work" will be willing to fix up shite dumped by "technically bad
developers paid to do work"; and that money will be in no way an
impediment to the "equality" between developers, and that we'll still
all be friends in the better world. If money doesn't affect ones
attitude, why using it? (yes, that's rhetoric).

It's obvious "giving" money will affect someone's behaviour (allowing
him/her to work full time on a project, for instance). And as action
induces reaction, the moment there's someone which is given money,
there will be two class of peoples: the ones who are given money, and
those who aren't. How would "those who aren't" be unaffected by the
fact that some "are"?? Ever heard of "jealousy" for one thing?

In my view, if I were involved in a given project, giving it a good
part of my free (unpaid) time, and I were to see some other guy
working on this very same project doing the same work I'm doing, I
guess I wouldn't feel terribly well. Now if that guy were to do deep
shit and if I had to walk behind him to collect his crap in order to
keep the project in shape, I guess I would be extremely upset.

I believe this is common sense, something people seems to be lacking a
lot lately...

And not even looking at the implications of dunc-tank etc, the very
fact that all this mess happened, the time wasted, the GRs, the flames
etc, all of this is already making Debian less and less *fun*. As
such, it's /already/ having a vastly negative impact. But then again,
maybe nobody cares...

Quite frankly, I care less and less, but for other reasons.


Thibaut VARENE

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