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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

On Tue, 10 Oct 2006, Thibaut VARENE wrote:
> It's obvious "giving" money will affect someone's behaviour (allowing
> him/her to work full time on a project, for instance). And as action
> induces reaction, the moment there's someone which is given money,
> there will be two class of peoples: the ones who are given money, and
> those who aren't. How would "those who aren't" be unaffected by the
> fact that some "are"?? Ever heard of "jealousy" for one thing?

Yes I have. But if the structure is open to everyone, then everybody has a
chance to request funding. Not everybody will have the requested funding
of course, but that depends on many factors: how many other DD appreciate
your work, how many donators like your project, the expected impact of the
project, etc.

Jealousy is already present: some people are already working on Debian
during work hours. I'm merely trying to not make it worse by
externalizing/impersonalizing as much as possible of the decision making
in the infrastructure that I described.

> In my view, if I were involved in a given project, giving it a good
> part of my free (unpaid) time, and I were to see some other guy
> working on this very same project doing the same work I'm doing, I
> guess I wouldn't feel terribly well. Now if that guy were to do deep
> shit and if I had to walk behind him to collect his crap in order to
> keep the project in shape, I guess I would be extremely upset.

So would I and so would anyone I bet. But that's why there are some
dynamics involved: a bad developer that has been paid will get a bad
review of his work. This review will discourage donators to fund further
projects of him. And so this would happen hopefully only once for a given
bad developer.

Raphaël Hertzog

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