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Re: Improving the DAM-queue?

Bastian Venthur <expires-2007@venthur.de> writes:

> So my question is: Is this a known problem and are there any short- and
> longterm solutions in progress? Shouldn't we have some more DAMs in
> order to process the queue faster? Seeing that the vast majority of the
> DAM work is done only by one of the two DAM members, it seems the DAM is
> heavily understaffed.

>From my observations, is seems that the only persons who can judge about
these questions are the current DAMs (James and Joerg), and perhaps the
DPL, since only they can approve new members of FD and DAM. (Given that
I understand the current practice correctly).

I'd very welcome their opinions of the current situation regarding the
high backlog of applicants at FD and DAM stage, and what 'outsiders' can
do to help them to clear the backlog.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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