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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

This one time, at band camp, Thibaut VARENE said:
> It's obvious "giving" money will affect someone's behaviour (allowing
> him/her to work full time on a project, for instance). And as action
> induces reaction, the moment there's someone which is given money,
> there will be two class of peoples: the ones who are given money, and
> those who aren't. How would "those who aren't" be unaffected by the
> fact that some "are"?? Ever heard of "jealousy" for one thing?

I would argue that people feeling jealous need to get over themselves
and grow up, but maybe that's just me.

> In my view, if I were involved in a given project, giving it a good
> part of my free (unpaid) time, and I were to see some other guy
> working on this very same project doing the same work I'm doing, I
> guess I wouldn't feel terribly well. Now if that guy were to do deep
> shit and if I had to walk behind him to collect his crap in order to
> keep the project in shape, I guess I would be extremely upset.

Why on earth would Debian take crap work from someone just because
they're paid for it?  I would expect that we continue to accept people's
contributions in the same way we do now.  If the quality of it sucks
too bad to keep around, we ditch it.  Granted, the weeding out process
could be better and faster, but it seems to me we usually find the really
horrible stuff in fairly short order.

Secondly, why would you clean up after someone just because they're paid?
Stop working on that piece of the project, or deny them access to that
piece of the project.  This has happened before without money being
involved, and I don't see why it shouldn't continue to be the case.
You're making it sound like the introduction of a few paid workers
turns Debian into a corporation where we have to take the output of
paid projects.  We really don't.  If they turn out good work, then yay,
Debian gets some good work out of it.  If they churn out crap, then we
ditch it and take away their svn access.

So what?
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