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Re: package ownership in Debian

Hubert Chan dijo [Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 12:30:06AM -0400]:
> > I meant with group of maintainers,  number of uploaders > 1. Joerg
> > Jaspert said that he wouldn't like to be forced to team maintenance
> > and suggested 0day NMUs for >= normal bugs with current rules (patch
> > to the bts), so if you add this rule to my suggestion, i think it's
> > better than 'ping not required', would be better than now too.
> For me, it would depend on the package, on the severity of the bug, and
> on the size (or invasiveness) of the change.  But in general, I would be
> comfortable with: ping me with a proposed patch, wait for about a week,
> and if I don't say anything by then (and I'm not on vacation), then you
> can upload immediately into the archive (instead of currently, where
> uploads should be sent to DELAYED/7-day).
> (...)
> (I prefer "ping, wait for 7 days, then direct upload" instead of
> "immediate upload to DELAYED/7-day" because it's easier to tell someone
> to not upload, than it is to try to undo an upload.)

I completely understand your point - but still, it still places an
unnecessary burden. Often, when I do NMUs it is because I found a
bug I can fix _and_ because I found some available time to work on
it. Of course, I don't want to step on your feet, so I ask for your
permission and upload to -delayed - and then go on with my
business. If I must remember a week later to re-ping for your
permission, I might just forget about the bug completely.

Yes, that basically speaks of my bad planning habits, but I feel I'm
not alone here ;-)


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