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Re: package ownership in Debian

Gustavo Franco wrote:

> I meant with group of maintainers,  number of uploaders > 1. Joerg
> Jaspert said that he wouldn't like to be forced to team maintenance
> and suggested 0day NMUs for >= normal bugs with current rules (patch
> to the bts), so if you add this rule to my suggestion, i think it's
> better than 'ping not required', would be better than now too.

For me, it would depend on the package, on the severity of the bug, and
on the size (or invasiveness) of the change.  But in general, I would be
comfortable with: ping me with a proposed patch, wait for about a week,
and if I don't say anything by then (and I'm not on vacation), then you
can upload immediately into the archive (instead of currently, where
uploads should be sent to DELAYED/7-day).

If I'm so unresponsive that I can't respond to a ping within a week
(provided I'm not on vacation), I don't think should be allowed to
complain about an NMU.

But any NMUs that are done without trying to contact me first runs the
risk of disrupting work that I've already done on the package.

(I prefer "ping, wait for 7 days, then direct upload" instead of
"immediate upload to DELAYED/7-day" because it's easier to tell someone
to not upload, than it is to try to undo an upload.)

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