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Re: Suggestion

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Hi Yann,

	The debian-project is a maillist focused on discussion about
the Debian Project. For technical doubts and support questions you
should use debian-user@lists.debian.org.  You will also find support
lists in other languages, just check http://lists.debian.org

	In order to help you in advance I add a couple of tips below.

On 05/12/2006 05:18 PM, Yann Desponds wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to install differents distibution of linux but without
> success... I always have a problem during installation with my graphic
> card. I saw that many people have the same problem with the xserver and
> this "nv" driver.

	If you can, use free (as in speech) drivers. :)

> Wouldn't be better to install the xserver with the default parameter
> "vesa" and then to install the good driver or modifie xserver?

	When you send your message do debian-user, try to add more
informartion about which version of Debian are you running, which
is the model of your graphic card, how you X is configured and other
relevant information.

> Because I think the automatic detection of graphic card is not the good
> solution...
> Thanks for your reading

	You are welcome, good luck.
	Kind regards,

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