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Re: debian and UDEV

On Sat, 13 May 2006 08:50:27 -0700 Jim Bodkikns (Dakotacom) wrote:

>    I am not a fan of UDEV, [snip] I have contacted the hotplug people,
[snip snip]
> I prefer debian - but [snip] am going to deploy FC bordeaux instead.
>    I am only reporting this to let people know that this is an issue,

Thanks for letting us know, and sorry that you had to go.

To other users reading this and possibly getting inspired on ways to
give feedback, please use our Bug Tracking System[1], and if dropping
kind notes like the above when (sadly) giving up on us, please mention
relevant bugreports about the issues.

Our BTS is our backbone of solving problems - please use it!


 - Jonas


Oh, and if you haven't left entirely, Jim, then I have concrete
suggestions for solving your concrete problem. If interested, please
drop a note either so some relevant bugreport or to
debian-devel@lists.debian.org (this list is not appropriate for
technical discussions) and cc me.

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