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debian and UDEV


I am not a fan of UDEV, while I am a fan of debian. Its a shame that debian - in my experience - doesnt handle UDEV well. I have had problems with kernel version transitions as well as new installs. (High performance raid controllers from ICP-Vortex). I have contacted the hotplug people, only to be told that it isnt their job (even though they both created and apparently forced adoption of UDEV) to address these issues. Debian is my distro of choice but is probably the worse distro in terms of UDEV. (I had been using ubuntu and planning a deploy commercially to a number of servers currently using CentOS).

ALL of the servers chosen to be reinstalled with a debian distro have high performance raid controllers and fail installs due to UDEV issues. (I hate that redhat handles this - I"m not really a fan of redhat). I have been forced to abandon debian distros as a result. I'm not happy about that - I prefer debian - but find that it cannot be deployed and I have received zero interest from anyone from the hotplug group down to even acknowledge that this is a problem in general. So I am going to deploy FC bordeaux instead.

I am only reporting this to let people know that this is an issue, sadly, that you might consider addressing. Thanks for a terrific distro otherwise though.


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