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Re: [SUMMARY] About terminology for stable/testing/unstable and related issues

Christian Perrier wrote on 12/05/2006 18:29:
>>Though AJ is correct in saying that "suite" is by several tools in
>>Debian (apt-utils and dak he mentioned - I don't know about their use of
>>suite - as well as reprepro), I think that from a non-native-english
>>user perspective, "branch" is easier to grasp.
> And, indeed, as already mentioned, easier to translate..:-)

Indeed. This is also true for German I think. Suite is also known in
German, but only for a number of rooms combined (hotel suites and
similar things).

> I take the argument of "suite" being used in several tools as an
> argument to increase the weight of "suite" but not a decisive
> argument.
> After all, tools can be changed...:-)


> The terminology definition could also mention, in the case, we decide
> for using "branch" that the term "suite" is also in use....until it is
> removed from the tools and documentations using it.

If we ultimately choose to use branch, I would prefer if the terminology
docs said "previously, 'suite' was also used.". If someone runs across
some not-yet-changed tool, he will now it is old terminology.


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