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Re: [SUMMARY] About terminology for stable/testing/unstable and related issues

Christian Perrier wrote on 10/05/2006 07:00:
>>If there are no strong objections in -project, I'm opened to suggestions
>>about the Right Way to handle the further life of this proposal, to
>>make it alittle bit more "official":
>>-conclude it and post in -devel-announce...:-)
>>-make the discussion wider in -devel and continue it there
> Well, I think we should come up with this now.
> The discussion core is clearly "suite vs branch".
> I have to confess that I'm hardly balancing between both. Filipus
> developed an interesting and well argumented explanation to push
> "branch" and I find it convincing...at least as convincing as
> "pro-suite" arguments.
> So, unless someone else brings more arguments here, I'll summarize
> again, crosspost to -devel and try to have the discussion there focus
> on "suite vs branch"

Though AJ is correct in saying that "suite" is by several tools in
Debian (apt-utils and dak he mentioned - I don't know about their use of
suite - as well as reprepro), I think that from a non-native-english
user perspective, "branch" is easier to grasp.


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