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[SUMMARY] About terminology for stable/testing/unstable and related issues

Because of the runnign IRC talk, this thread has been quite
short. However, this maybe shows that some egenral agreement pops
about this issue, after all..:-)

Most concerns have been raised about my proposed use of "branch" for
talking about stable/testing/unstable. "Suite" seems better...suited,

So, now the proposal becomes:

Distribution: used to talk about Debian in general, whichever suite
              is used

Suite       : used to talk about stable, testing and unstable
                   and explain differences between all of them or the
                   ways they are developed 

Release     : used to talk about the successive releases of
              Debian as a distribution: potato, woody, sarge....as
              well as the release updates

Version     : used when using numerical version numbers (3.1r2, etc..)

If there are no strong objections in -project, I'm opened to suggestions
about the Right Way to handle the further life of this proposal, to
make it alittle bit more "official":

-conclude it and post in -devel-announce...:-)

-make the discussion wider in -devel and continue it there

-continue it elsewhere

-continue it here in -project (in case some feel that some issues are
 not sorted out)

I also have no clear views about the Right Place to put these
conclusions so that all Debian documents progressively adopt this
terminology. Suggestions welcomed.


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