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Re: [SUMMARY] About terminology for stable/testing/unstable and related issues

> If there are no strong objections in -project, I'm opened to suggestions
> about the Right Way to handle the further life of this proposal, to
> make it alittle bit more "official":
> -conclude it and post in -devel-announce...:-)
> -make the discussion wider in -devel and continue it there

Well, I think we should come up with this now.

The discussion core is clearly "suite vs branch".

I have to confess that I'm hardly balancing between both. Filipus
developed an interesting and well argumented explanation to push
"branch" and I find it convincing...at least as convincing as
"pro-suite" arguments.

So, unless someone else brings more arguments here, I'll summarize
again, crosspost to -devel and try to have the discussion there focus
on "suite vs branch"

My later intent is to propose an amendment to the developer's
reference to reflect this and carve the discussion in stone.

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