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Re: irc.debian.org

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org>

> > > What aspects of Debian development warrant private conversations?
> > 
> > Introductions, misunderstandings and conflict resolution.
> None of these encompass development even though they may facilitate
> it.

"Debian is about a lot more than just packaging software and
maintaining those packages." [Debian Developer's Reference]

> > The first time I noticed this (the +q lunacy), the attitude seemed
> > to be that IRC clients should change to cope with freenode, not that
> > freenode should cope with clients.
> +q is just one way of specifying the ban; the actual ban is
> implemented as a +b with special syntax.

The problem is not with the specification: it's with how it makes
the server send unhelpful or confusing responses to clients. It
happened with +q, it happened with NOIDPRIVMSG, it happened with
the channel-redirecting bans, and it probably happens still with
other things. The network attitude seems to be that this is
entirely a client-side problem, never mind that the server responses
are variously unreasonable or incomplete.

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