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Re: irc.debian.org

Thijs Kinkhorst <kink@squirrelmail.org>
> Disagree. I'm on some channels for other projects aswell, and they are
> all on Freenode. Freenode is the de-facto standard for open source IRC
> channels, and moving away from it should only be done for very
> compelling reasons.

Freenode being barking for years seems compelling to many DDs who
already avoid it.

Being a "de facto standard" (which is a contradiction anyway) is
not a good reason to stay with brokenness. If it was, we should
all go use a certain proprietary operating system.

> I personally have not had any serious problem with freenode in the
> recent past. I guess the main problem with freenode would stem from
> quite some years ago. Time has passed and Freenode improved.

No, it has not, in several ways.

> Of course one can find a problem with any network, just as OFTC has its
> problems too. To give an example, when trying to connect recently, I
> discovered that there isn't even a server list available on their
> website (quite basic information), and that irc.eu.oftc.net does not
> connect you to a European server.

So connect to irc.oftc.net and ask it for the server list. Unlike
freenode, OFTC has not disabled this basic feature. It's current
and up-to-date, unlike a web page. I think using IRC's features is
far better than having to fire up a client for a different protocol
and go hunting in a non-standard location.

> > On another front, oftc is also a sister org under the SPI
> > umbrella.
> What advantage does the same umbrella bring in choosing an IRC network?

We know it is run in the public interest and has basic openness.
Try asking: how hard is it for project funds to be used to pay
someone's entire personal mobile phone bill, what would need to
be disclosed to project supporters and has it ever happened?

To summarise: Freenode is big but broken and opaque, but OFTC is run
for aims more similar to debian and many DDs are already there.

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