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Re: irc.debian.org

Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org>
> One might think private messages are useful in user support, but
> #debian actually has a channel policy asking users not to send them
> without permission. [...]

So, one might think the current #debian is not actually as useful
in user support as it could be?

> And as for Debian development, I receive even fewer private messages
> related to that.  Do the rest of you? 

No, I receive fewer public than private messages about debian development.
I don't often connect to debian IRC channels, though.

> What aspects of Debian development warrant private conversations?

Introductions, misunderstandings and conflict resolution. The
outcomes should be public, but it is not always as effective
for the conversations to be.

> [...] it just surprises me that people other than really heavy IRC
> users would even notice the effect of this freenode default.

Oh, it's fairly noticeable if you try to move an email discussion
to IRC and you start getting error messages returned, but part
of the problem is that not all clients handle the effect of
freenode defaults well. The first time I noticed this (the +q
lunacy), the attitude seemed to be that IRC clients should change
to cope with freenode, not that freenode should cope with clients.

> Not that
> it's exactly a _secret_ - I mean, the information is one click away
> =66rom http://freenode.net/ (the link mysteriously titled "using the
> network").

freenode differs from normal IRC too much. It's unsurprising if
users don't notice the small changes until they bite, even if they
are documented on a different protocol.

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