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Re: irc.debian.org

On Sun, Apr 30, 2006 at 07:25:50PM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> On 04/30/2006 05:46 PM, Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Sunday 30 April 2006 22:32, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > 
> >>Why not move it to Jabber?  More people use and know what Jabber is
> >>these days than IRC.
> > 
> > Just to prove you wrong: what the hell is Jabber?
> 	It is an Instant Messaging Client.

No it's not. It's an IM protocol, implemented by many clients in Debian,
and by many servers on the 'Net.

> (like ICQ, MSN, GoogleTalk,

GoogleTalk, actually, uses the Jabber protocol.

Fun will now commence
  -- Seven Of Nine, "Ashes to Ashes", stardate 53679.4

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