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Re: irc.debian.org

On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 15:52 -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> By design, IRC encourages people to do truly obnoxious things, like
> spamming 
> the channel to announce they're going away, or indicating their status
> with 
> nicknames (which also spams the channel). 

If *users* announce they're away, it'll be spam no matter if it's in an
IRC channel or on Jabber. And I've seen a lot more people announcing
their status in their IM-nickname than is their IRC-nickname (9 chars
for nick pwnz)

>  You also get spammed on IRC 
> whenever someone joins or leaves a channel. Jabber prevents this by 
> providing a real presence system.

you can ignore this in IRC too.

>   Jabber provides all the same "modes" IRC 
> does in group chat, except bans actually work because they're not
> stupidly 
> tied to some arbitrary netmask. 

yeah. ban is tied to user account ? who prevents an annoying user to
creates a lot of annoying accounts ?

>  Nicknames changes, joins and parts aren't 
> spammed to the channel unless your client adds them in for you (but
> changes 
> are still reflected in the listing of who is in the chat). 

you mean, like on irc ?

>  Jabber networks 
> don't go on begging sprees for funding.  OFTC will invariably spam you
> like 
> every other IRC network since the dawn of time the first moment they
> get more 
> than a few users. 

i'm sure there are jabber network which do that. but you can use a
gateway which doesnt. like using an irc network which doesnt do that.

Ok, so it's a flameware irc vs jabber ? On -project ? 

I'm not really used to thoses flames, but I thought they were taking
place on -devel. The initial post was about moving *irc*.debian.org from
an irc network to another. If you don't want to use irc, nobody forces
you. But why posting here a mail that has nothing to do with the initial
message ?

Yves-Alexis Perez

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