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Re: irc.debian.org

Hallo! Du (Paul Johnson) hast geschrieben:

>On Sunday 30 April 2006 11:34, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> I've heard it suggested by a variety of people that we should move the
>> official irc.debian.org alias away from freenode to oftc. I can see
>> that more and more of my own Debian IRC discussions are on oftc, to
>> the extent that I'm (currently) not on any freenode channels at
>> all.

I strongly second to move to OFTC.

why? lilo spammed me some years ago to get some funding for freenode
(which ment in that case that he wanted to be paid for running
freenode), so i decided to not use it. Nothing against funding, and
adding notes to websites and motds, but getting a daily wallop was

>Why not move it to Jabber?  More people use and know what Jabber is these days 
>than IRC.

Jabber doesn't have any useable non-graphic Clients. for the usual one
to one communication it might be ok, but for groupchat (and thats what
most people do on IRC it simply sucks.


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