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Re: Reforming the NM process

Le Mer 12 Avril 2006 14:36, Vincent Danjean a écrit :
> Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > So to my eyes, the so called problem you raise is irrelevant. Not
> > to mention that I would feel concerned and surprised (in a bad
> > sense) if an applicant would have such issues. e.g.: if you have an
> > issue with your company knowing that you want to become a DD, then,
> > *don't ask for beeing one*, because that's a public matter. Debian
> > is about transparency.
> transparency does not mean for me that all my personal life must be
> made public. I think that the evaluators (mostly the AM) needs to
> know some part of it (it makes its job easier), but this should be
> restricted to him.

honnestly, what I don't get, is why you need to tell things private to 
your AM during the NM process. What is asked of your "life" are things 
that are relevant to debian, like your studies (beeing in a computer 
science PhD/MSC "helps"), why you use debian, ... and honnestly, there 
is little chance that part has some private things.

But I can understand that here some things may be private, and that's 
why in *that* only mail, the AM ask you to specify what is public and 
what's not.

But you example of your position on the GFDL is IMHO not relevant. When 
debian developpers have discussed it, it was on the public mailing 
lists, and it was pretty clear who thought what. Moreover, even those 
who didn't talked about it and only read the debates, have voted 
(hopefully), and their vote is public !  So the position of every 
single DD that has voted is public. I don't see why oh why the position 
of an applicant that want to become a DD would be protected in any 

The only thing in your NM application that could *eventually* be 
private, is when you speak of your personnal private life, but again, I 
fail to see why you would do so in more than 1 mail.

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