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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

On 7 Apr 2006, JC Helary spake thusly:

>>> Did it ever occur to you that one can be an active Debian
>>> contributor and not use Debian at all ?
>> No. And even if it did, I fail to see how that is relevant
>> here. You cannot be an active Debian contributor without knowing
>> about its culture, which is what Marc was talking about.
> What is Debian more than a sum of packages that for some require
> translations, when seen from a FOSS translator ?

        Which is fine. If that is all Debisn is to them, they shall
 not miss voting rights -- I mean, they already control the
 translations, the important bit, neh?

> Why do you think there is a need to "understand" whatever Debian
> "culture" there is to technically contribute to the project ?

        Nothing. But we are not talking technical contributions, we
 are talking about deciding where the project is heading, or over
 riding the decisions of delegates, or changing the social contract --
 all oof these were on the table this early in this year alone.

> This point is very relevant because putting subjective conditions
> (understanding a "culture") to allow full membership has nothing to
> do with objectively valuating a contribution.

        We can value contributions until we are blue in the face. RMS,
 Linus -- and a cast of thousands.  But mere contributiosn do not
 accrue people voting rights.


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