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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 11:33:05PM +0900, JC Helary wrote:
> On 2006/04/06, at 22:50, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> >And anyway, it's not like people who should consider to join have
> >nothing to do with Debian and don't know the particularities of its
> >culture - even if this is unclear to people who are new to Debian, it
> >should be no problem for an active contributor.
> Did it ever occur to you that one can be an active Debian contributor  
> and not use Debian at all ?

No. And even if it did, I fail to see how that is relevant here. You
cannot be an active Debian contributor without knowing about its
culture, which is what Marc was talking about.

Fun will now commence
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