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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

JC Helary <jch.helary@free.fr> writes:
>>   (We also have plenty of people who contribute heavily to the
>> project without being recognized as members; but I think that
>> "member" is a lesser title that doesn't do justice to their
>> contributions -- I  want to see these people recognized as
>> *developers*, not just as members.) 
> Right now, if I am not wrong, the whole of the localization process  
> is simply not recognized whatever you call it. And I have no doubt a  
> big bunch of the people who contribute sincerely to the project would  
> never consider starting to NM process because of the emphasis on  
> "maintainer" and "developer".

That's total bullshit. If they would really care about joining, they
could simply start to read the documentation, which explicitly shows
them how to understand the term maintainer and/or developer.

And anyway, it's not like people who should consider to join have
nothing to do with Debian and don't know the particularities of its
culture - even if this is unclear to people who are new to Debian, it
should be no problem for an active contributor.

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