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Re: uol.com.br and petsupermarket

"Guilherme de S. Pastore" <guilherme.pastore@terra.com.br>
> Em Ter, 2006-03-14 =C3=A0s 03:40 +0000, MJ Ray escreveu:
> > it seems like a direct fix wasn't expected, but other fix may be.
> Yeah, sure, let's just cause pain to their customers, which *are*
> effective Debian contributors, even if it is not going to help, instead
> of accepting their help offers or directly asking for help. Brilliant.

I think you're wrong that the intent was to "just cause pain to
their customers": other things have been tried, reportedly.

> > If you are a UOL customer, have you complained to UOL too?
> > Please, help us to fix this problem with UOL which has been
> > costing Debian contributors for ages.
> As previously mentioned, I offered help to get in touch with them, and
> the listmasters said they were handling it.

I don't recall you previously mentioning the listmasters
response.  It seems pretty obvious what you can do to help, but
I can understand not wanting to tread on listmaster toes. It's
affecting you now, so have you taken it up with UOL now?
You don't need to be an official delegate to help on this.

> Also, don't you think that
> the personal boycotts you have been suggesting are a bit insane?

No. Without users, UOL would not exist, as far as I can tell.
Businesses need users: every loss of a profitable or
potentially-profitable users hurts, every loss of goodwill hurts,
every bad PR day hurts, and if it's linked to such a simple thing
as taking care of their antispam system (like they ought to be
doing anyway), it should be a no-brainer to stop losing customers.

> In a country larger than the whole of Europe, do you think that one
> person or two quitting will make any difference at all to their numbers?

Yes, but it depends who quits and how.

> Again, UOL is not being, has not been and is not going to be punished to
> any extent with this measure. It only affects the contributors, which
> might not be a problem, though, as they may quite possibly turn into
> ex-contributors soon...

Why don't you become a UOL ex-customer instead? Are you happy
with UOL's postmasters being missing in action?

In the past, I've opposed blacklisting based on "some of that
ISP's users are spamming" but one based on "their postmaster
is MIA" as well is different. I'm not sure about it.

Hope that explains,
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