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Re: Debian etch

Well, if it's written in English, (japanese) people mainly won't associate with the special meaning. Anyway, found the japanese translation here http://debian.fam.cx/index.php?install#content_1_4 and it explains the Toy-Story related name. So should be fine. But maybe some japanese readers drool over it...


Don Armstrong wrote:

On Tue, 03 Jan 2006, Roger Leigh wrote:
Thomas Hoehn <thomas_hoehn@gmx.net> writes:
In case no japanese Debian user has told you yet - just to give
you a hint: the word "etch" (written as H) in Japanese means
"indecent", "lewd" or just "pornographic". Maybe you should rename
this release or at least the japanese version...
Why not just translate the word "etch"? It's very difficult to pick
a name that /doesn't/ mean something bad in at least one language
around the world, so perhaps it's better if folks simply put the
name in its correct context: that of a Toy Story character.
Considering the fact that we had no problems with a release codenamed
"woody", I think some incidental indecency is not something to worry

Don Armstrong

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